.. Our first broadband deal is from Vodafone, whose Simply Broadband Plan is offering new customers speeds of up to 100Mbps and all for €25 per month for the first 6 months. The connection offered is fibre-to-the-cabinet so the speed advertised is the maximum you’re going to get, unfortunately.

The package comes with a 12-month contract and zero setup costs however, it will increase to €40 after 6 months and €45 thereafter. Coming in at a very reasonable €25 for the first 6 months this is the perfect broadband deal for a couple moving into a new house or even a family where there isn’t such a strain on bandwidth.

All in all, this comes to a combined first year cost of €390, which is by far the cheapest offer on the market right now. Next up, we have an equally enticing offer, this time from eir. Although the price plan comes in slightly more expensive at €39.

99 per month eir is offering a number of added extras. The plan is on offer on a 12-month contract however, reverting to €59.99 per month after the initial 12-month billing period. So consumers should bear that in mind.

The added extras include the free eir Sport pack covering all major sports and a 1-year subscription to Amazon Prime Video. eir is also offering a €50 welcome credit for customers to put towards their first bill.

Altogether, eir’s broadband deal comes to a combined €429.88 for the first year – arguably well worth it for the extras included. Meanwhile, Virgin Media is offering new customers a 6-month discount to its Naked 250 deal starting at €40 and then €59 for the second six months of the contract.

The deal is offering new customers speeds of up to 250Mbps while also offering 360Mbps and 500Mbps packages at discounted rates. The Naked 250 Plan includes free access to the Virgin Media Sports app, so whether you’re a medium-sized family or even flatmates sharing an apartment, this connection speed is certain to satisfy all your connectivity needs.

All in all, the combined price for Virgin’s plan is €594 for the year. Last but not least, Sky is offering new customers connection to its Superfast Broadband Bundle, with an average speed of 75Mbps and at a discounted price of €35 for the first 12 months.

The connection also includes Sky’s broadband Buddy app, which allows parents and guardians to control their little ones’ screen time, while also monitoring their activities online. Sky’s broadband speed comes in at an average of 75Mbps and with no usage caps, this is perfect for TV on demand.

So, all in all, this comes to a combined price for the year of €425. So, there you have it; four of the best broadband deals available on the market right now, and you can sign up to any of them on bonkers.

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