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The Mecool TV Stick KD1 today. It is your analysis and we will see what it is made of., But first – and I know you expected it in my previous video, I told you about the new Mecool KM2, the first TV Box, that Mecool will launch with Netflix 4K certification because thanks to them, I will raffle 2 TV Box KM2 among & quot All Subscribers & quot from this beautiful channel, But since & quot, All my Subscribers & quot are several hundred thousand.

Your chances of winning would be very few if I don’t filter them. For that reason to filter them, I will leave you a small task, and thus I will know who are truly interested in participating and winning and, as I know that you are very faithful, I know that you will Participating is very easy.

You just have to watch this complete video, because 3 images of the draw will appear throughout it, and this is the first one.You just have to put the question together because in the end, you will have to answer it in the comments.

Since the 2 TV Box KM2 will be raffled only among those who comment and are subscribed Now let’s, go back to the Mecool KD1. The TV Sticks are small TV Boxes and there are them in several brands, such as the Xiaomi Mi TV.

Stick that I leave you here, because I already reviewed it in a previous video and it is the most basic of all. These TV Sticks are also designed with 4-core processors, but in special versions of low power consumption since due to their size.

They do not have a large heatsink, But make no mistake, because some, like the KD1 have enough power to run any streaming platform. So let’s, get to know it …. It took a while to arrive, but here is the KD1, the Mecool TV Stick in a smaller box, but always with the support of Android TV and Google Play.

The first thing we find is the typical Mecool Bluetooth, remote control, and that we all know from which we must buy batteries, since it does not include them.In addition. There is the connection cable with one end to the TV Stick and the other to the charger and a curiosity, an integrated infrared receiver that we will see later.

What is it for? There is also a 5v power adapter and only 1 amp, since we remember that the processor is low consumption And finally, the TV Stick KD1, with its only micro, USB connection, a small LED operating light and its HDMI 2.

1 output. The KD1 is made of 3 x, 9 cm black plastic, and that makes it perfect for small spaces. The Mecool KD1 stands out for including certified Android TV 10 at a more reasonable cost than a TV Box standard, but taking up as little space as possible.

In addition, it integrates Google tools that only work on certified devices such as Chromecast Google Voice Assistant and the Play Store to download the applications. Official tions optimized for television In this small size.

It has a fairly respectable Hardware, with the advantage of being portable and being able to carry your applications in your pocket. Wherever you go, Its main features. Are It integrates the low consumption processor S905Y2, which is very similar in power to the S905X2? It integrates the Mali G31 MP2 graphics processor and supports Vulkan 1.

0 for better graphics handling. It has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. It has dual-band WiFi, connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2. It has HDMI 2.1 output that can handle 4 video K at 60. Hz Supports HDR and Dolby Vision, processing and handles all the most popular video decoding formats.

By far these features outshine the weak Xiaomi TV Stick, even even the Xiaomi Mi Box S that long ago were stuck in the same hardware. Now let’s. Go a little further and get to know that new low-power processor opening the KD1 is relatively easy with a cu It squeaks flat, since it does not have screws and with a slight lever force, we will have it open In the same way.

Removing the card is very simple, since it is only slightly adjusted Now. We can already see all the technology of this small card, although this heatsink heat hides the processor, and that is why I have no choice but to remove it.

So I will apply some force and take it off. I can finally know this new low-power processor …, the S905Y2. This is the brain of the KD1 and where Android TV 10 runs and as you can see, it is very small, even smaller than the 2 GB RAM memory that we see here.

In addition, the KD1 has its dual band: WiFi: module with Bluetooth and with its printed antenna. It also integrates this small RESET button In general and on the back, there is the 16 GB storage memory.

That is enough for most people and a small white led which will indicate if the device is connected. This is one of the smallest processors, The dreams that I have seen only measure 1 square centimeter, and for that reason its heatsink is smaller.

Luckily, a smaller processor generates much less heat, so I will put it back on and reassemble this TV Stick as it was to start testing it Connect. The TV Stick is super simple, since it only has a connection port and a led that will indicate that it is working.

Then you have to plug it into an HDMI input on your TV and that’s. All Mecool devices use a Bluetooth control. So the first thing to do is link them by pressing 2 keys at a time. Until that red point reaches the end, Then they choose their language, connect their WiFi network, preferably to their 5 Ghz band, which is faster and, most importantly, they log in with their Google account to be able to do use of all the functions that make sense of A streaming device From then on, they only accept everything until the main interface appears, and the first thing I check is the version of Android TV that ue arrived and, as you can see, this is version 10 From the first use.

You already realize that this KD1 is very fluid and allows you to move easily through the entire interface and without jerks. In addition, the voice control of the remote “Open Javier Guerrero channel on YouTube ” because he also does it quite well and does not take almost anything to search.

. A key test is to measure the Internet speed on my devices.. I pay for a 40 Mbps plan and look at how accurate the measurement was for the WiFi module of this KD1. I delivers all the speed of my contract plan.

Well, at that point, as the KD1 is fully certified, should have no problem with any application of the Play Store. As you can see, I could play Disney Plus at full resolution and smooth sound the same With the Prime Video platform, which was already pre-installed.

You can navigate easily and fluently and the same with Crunchyroll, which is often difficult to run with some non-certified TV Boxes, because the KD1 dies. view easily and with its graphics in maximum definition.

Regarding the reproduction of content in 4K format, I put it to the test with some high-quality videos, also setting the quality of reproduction to the maximum, and the results seemed super good. This TV Stick KD1 could, With everything that I put in front of it and connected to my TV SONY, showed me very vivid colors.

I am not an expert in images, but what I saw left me very satisfied. A common problem in TV Stick is the installation of apk, since they do not have ports to connect a USB memory there. It becomes very important to have the Downloader application installed that will allow you to install apk files directly from the network just by typing its path in this search.

Box.For example, if you write this URL and then click on & quot Go & quot, you will automatically download my apk from the MagisTV application directly from my cloud and that way on any TV Stick, including the Fire TV Stick.

You can install it excellent application to watch television on the Internet. Remember that most IPTV applications require a minimum bandwidth to work. That is why sometimes they hang up and dock. I know because I have tried several, but in the end I stayed with MagisTV because they are enough about 5 Megas to work.

Well, If you want a free trial …, I leave the link in the description of the video to create valid access passwords Or you can also install the Chrome apk from my cloud and use your TV Stick as a browser, but remember that This apk requires the Use of a mouse, But once you master it, you can enter movie pages such as Cine Calidad, and take advantage of watching free movies.

. If you can see, but the bad thing is that, because these pages are free, they will fill you with advertising and that.. It could become very frustrating, but at least it is an option. The integrated Chromecast is another advantage of having a device certified by Google.

With this function, you will be able to transmit any content from your cell phone or your computer, directly to your TV Stick, KD1 and without cables, which can be very convenient on many occasions. Bluetooth connectivity could not be missing in this Mecool Stick and to test.

I am going to connect my game controller and you will see that the Pairing is fast and efficient To obtain the same results remember to use devices with Bluetooth versions 4.0 or higher, since the version has a lot to do with the quality of the connection.

With. A Bluetooth, remote control, you can become the king of the tracks of Run and you will have a lot of fun.Although. This KD1 has not been designed specifically for games. Believe me, you will be surprised.

That is because it incorporates the G-31 MP2 graphics processor. That is currently the best among mid-range TV Boxes, including the KM6 Deluxe integrates the same GPU. It moves very well all the games that I downloaded and you can see that the graphics are very good.

If it runs these graphics well, then it will also do it with any em Retro ulator. After giving the KD1 hard for almost 4 hours, I measured the temperature and it reached almost 50 degrees for the use I gave it.

I think the performance of this Mecool TV Stick seems good. Since the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick arrived at about 60 degrees. The TV Sticks are focused on the target user, who wants to cover 2 basic needs, Have Android TV certified at a low cost and be Oriented for portable use.

Therefore? I would recommend the Mecool KD1 if you are going to focus, especially on streaming use.For example. If you want to entertain an older adult’s room, your Parents or your children are not going to spend on an expensive, KM6 Deluxe right, That is, for the main room With a Mecool KD1.

They are already certified and it will be enough for them Now. Yes, what you were waiting for. You already put the phrase together and you saw that it is a simple question. In a few days it will be Rick’s birthday and he will be the one It will give them luck.

. You only have to put your answer and your country in the comments and you will already be participating. … It’s. That simple, The 2 winners will come out only from the comments that answer the question it does not matter if they are correct or not.

I only want you to comment And that you participate Also, if you want to have more chances of winning go to my Instagram account and my Facebook page. The links are in the description of the video make sure you follow me on both accounts and also comment on the publication of the raffle, Because those comments also participate.

And so your name could appear up to 3 times in my list. But they must be subscribed and follow me in the account that they comment. I repeat: … It doesn’t matter if they get it right or not, But just in case one or both of the winners get Rick’s age right.

I’ll include a free, 3-month MagisTV membership in their KM2 Done. … What more do you want? Friends? Ok, ok, okay. … one last clue., Look at it carefully! … look at those big ears, those mustaches and tender eyes, and above all, that energy.

With that you can already calculate your answer.. They have only 1 week to participate because the April 25, I will announce the 2 winners in my next video.. I can only wish you all good luck for everyone.

I wish I could raffle 100 KM2 …, But I only have 2, although I also know that they will make 2 people very happy. And if you got here – and You are not subscribed to my humble channel – do not leave without subscribing, because in each video we always learn something new & quot Help me and Democratize.


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