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streaming apps for firestick I’m using this on my fire. Stick you don’t become a runner. Now i personally don’t really use this app anymore, because i feel it’s, a little antiquated if you have a remote, it’s hard to put favorites.

So i’m, going to show you how to set it up. So what you want to do is you want to go on your remote and hold the ok button, and then you’re going to go to settings. You’re, going to go to your profiles.

You’re, going to have your profile out here, so select, STB Configuration. This is also how you find your mac address, so the mac address. Well, oh yeah. First things first always erase the serial number then go to the mac.

Address should point that out so erase the serial number go to your mac address, write that down go to your portal, url and uh. You know just copy this make sure you write it down. So you can put it onto Tivimate all right.

So let’s, go to tv main, which i’ve downloaded and if you don’t have it. I have other videos how to set that up. You go to add playlist. Now, instead of extreme codes, you’re, going to go to stalker portal, put the server address, which is the portal url originally um, you’re using now for this.

I got all the information and signed up on a website called: stick subs! Okay! So if you want to get all this, you could do it just go to FIRESTICKSUBS.com or you could just use whatever you got, but for those of you, don’t, have anything. iptv streaming app for firestick

Firesticksubs.Com is where i got this so now. I’m. Entering the portal url, yours might be different if you received it from a different website. You’re, going to enter it here great and now we’re, going to change the mac address now.

This is the generic mac address clear that you’re, going to enter the STB Emu Mac Address, which always starts with 00:1A:79. Now you could also generate your own mac address just make sure it starts with 00:1A:79 and a combination of numbers and letters.

The numbers could be anywhere from a to f. Then we’re gonna go to next and provided that everything’s set up and it works. You should be good. Now i’ve tested on several, not all of them work, but for the most part a lot of them do work it’s.

Just i guess a trial and error all right. So we see that it’s been loaded. That’s great. I usually change the the name. So i’m going to change it because this is fire, stick subs! I got it from firesticksubs.

com. I’m. Just going to put that name, so i know where i got it from or i know what the name of the service is and yeah it’s, going to give you how to use the remote. Now i like this better because you can actually add favorites it’s, more customizable uh.

The system is a lot faster. I find it moves very smoothly, as you can see, when i’m capturing this video 60 frames per second, so it’s really intuitive. Now this is what it looks like out of the box right.

I recommend it get the premium version, so you go to settings unlock premium. You have to have an account again. This will work on fire, stick and Nvidia Shield. You see, i have a lot of different stuff available and i already registered it.

So this is what it looks like gives you, the preview, Canada. I’m jerry d. We have a great show for you today. You can see how big the lake is. I mean you really can’t see the end. It gives you more options because, like i actually did it, this was her dream.

This was her dream that she’s had for the longest time, but bianca who’s. Also on the track team said some people believed she was setting the bar too high that her disability would be a hurdle too big to get over, but the girl who’s, never seen well, who made a harvard pillow for an eighth grade project Had a vision, even when i was little, everyone would be like okay.

What about other than harvard, and i’d, be like no harvard harvard? Is it harvard is number one? Two three four five and i told my mom like if i get in i’m, going like you can’t. Tell me no and now she’s, the first oyster.

You can see all the categories available of the trains that were parked on the tracks in the yard until uh they were so you could see. Authority operates several lines that uh take commuters and visitors all over San Jose.

I think it just looks all around better. More intuitive people are employed by the vta, most of whom belong to unions. But again we do not know the money, and this is what i use personally. What i use on my fire stick as well as my Nvidia Shield here in San Jose and California, have more updates as they become available.

Compare it to this. If it comes here, we’ll. Try it out see how slow everything loads fresh, cheesy, bread – you can’t see all this. The categories you can’t see all the tv guide, but i guess it’s, a lot easier for those who are new.

So this is why i feature this on my videos and we ‘ Ve got Chevrolet cars out here. This is STB Emu Pro on my Firestick dried or the fresh. I agree. This is tv mate on my fire stick, so you see the difference.

This is why i personally use tv me if you have M3U used. Typically, this is for M3U, but this is for also those who previously got a mac activation and they want to switch it up and again for all the information i’ll leave links in the description, and i hope you enjoy this video make sure You like comment and subscribe to the channel thanks for watching guys, Honest Fred and i’m signing out with nearly 700 miles of shoreline.

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