Apps Available for Google Chromecast:
Our Very own
Also Any 3rd party android applications


Set Up:

using the Downloader app.

Follow the onscreen set up and sign into your WiFi and Google account.

Go to apps on the main screen.
Then go down to “app categories” and click on “search for apps” then search for “downloader”
Once found, install it.

Now press the home button, and go all the way right, you will see your profile icon with settings underneath.

Click on settings.

Scroll to SYSTEM and click.

Scroll to ABOUT and click.

Scroll to android TV OS build (bottom of the list), click repeatedly untill you get a pop up that says “you are now a developer”

No click back on your controller until you are back on the main settings menu

Now scroll to APPS and click

Now scroll to SECURITY AND RESTRICTIONS (bottom one) and click

Select UNKNOWN SOURCES and click.

Now find the downloader app and click on it to allow.

Now press the home button

Now find the downloader app and click on it.

In the URL bar type our app URL
Example: http://———-

Once you click enter it will start to download.
Once downloaded click on install.

You will then be faced with the option “done” or “open” select done.
Now you have the 3 options “install, delete, done” select delete.

Then the pop up will ask for confirmation, again select delete. This is not deleting the app, just simply deleting the the download and doing this will keep your storage to a minimum.

Now press the home button and your new app will be in the app section, simply click on it and login with the credentials provided.

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