Space and time that you don’t need to deal with, which is why today, we’re, going to be looking at the top three most popular android tv boxes. That will not only be able to keep all of your services under one roof, but at times impress you with the kind of stuff that some of them have up their sleeves kicking off our list with the nvidia shield.

If you’re looking for top of the line, quality and truly the best of the best, then you need to look no further than the nvidia shield. The shield android tv delivers an amazing android teaming streaming player experience thanks to the all-new nvidia tigra.

X1 plus chip – you’re gonna get enhanced hd video in real time to make 4k clearer, crisper and a lot better visually using next generation. Ai upscaling there’s even two: usb 3.0 ports for storage expansion, usb cameras, keyboards controllers and more plus there’s.

Even a plex media server, built in three gigabytes of ram and 16 gigabytes of storage, giving your media viewing the ultimate treatment it deserves, not to mention that you’re, going to be getting fantastic, dolby vision, atmos, which brings your home theater to life With dolby vision hdr and surround sound with dolby atmos and dolby digital plus, delivering ultra vivid picture quality and immersive audio with best in class design.

The nvidia shield is top-notch and is perfect for the most demanding users, along with having a beautifully designed box to be the perfect centerpiece for your entertainment center. The shield tv pro even levels you up more with a lot more storage space, more ram and the expandability of two usb 3.

0 ports. Along with a plex media server. You can get the best connectivity with gigabyte internet dual band, ac, wi-fi and bluetooth 5.0. The only remote is more advanced than ever with motion activation backlit buttons, including a customizable menu button, plus voice control, bluetooth ir control for the tv and a built-in remote control locator, making, meaning that you have the most advanced remote ever you’ll, also Be getting unlimited, entertainment with the nvidia shield, as you can enjoy the most 4k hdr content of any streaming media player and have access to thousands of apps and games, including top apps like netflix youtube, prime video, disney, plus and hulu, and a game controller can be Able to play today’s, most popular games like fortnite, believe it or not.

You can even stream from your phone with built-in chromecast 4k tv. How cool is that, then? Don’t worry about having to get up from the couch ever again, thanks to the built-in voice control. The built-in google assistant is at your command, allowing you to see photos, live, camera feeds, weather sports scores and more all on the big screen.

You can even dim the lights and immerse yourself within your favorite show or movie, using only your voice, all hands-free and stress-free, with google, home or alexa and echo by the way today’s. Sponsor is total av.

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If you’re interested coming up next on the list, we’ve got the fire tv cube now out of all of this streaming service boxes out there. This one has by far got to take the cake with just how unique it looks, because the fire tv cube really does live up to its name of being a literal cube.

The fire tv cube is by far the fastest most powerful fire tv streaming service, boasting a six core processor, 16 gigabytes of ram and full ethernet support, meaning that you’ll, be able to not only quickly get your cube, turned on and ready to Watch your favorite movies and tv shows, but you’ll, be able to scroll through the hundreds of thousands of video options and watch them all without buffering don’t feel like getting up from the couch.

Well, you don’t have to from across the room, just ask alexa to turn on the tv dim the lights and play your show all with simplicity of your voice. The fire tv cube has eight microphones that hear you from any direction, making it easy to ask alexa to adjust the volume or mute your compatible tv or sound bar.

The fire tv cube even lets you control your compatible, cable and satellite box with ease and all through just one device. With a fire tv cube. You’re, going to be getting access to 4k ultra hd content, plus support for dolby vision and hdr.

As well as hdr10 plus giving the most crisp and clear viewing experience that any media streaming service could provide, and with fire tv cube, you can watch all of your favorites from netflix to youtube.

Prime video disney plus apple tv hbo max and more. The cube is even able to stream live tv for free with pluto tv, imdb, tv and more plus the fire tv cube is designed to protect your privacy, all thanks to the built-in privacy protections and controls, including a microphone button that automatically disconnects the microphones, making sure That your voice is kept safe from any sort of hackers that will try to use it for the various purposes running down on our list.

We got the tivo stream 4k now, while the name tivo might not be a name that you hear much anymore. The company that practically started the modern set of record is still around and they’re still putting out fantastic software to keep on viewing.

All of your favorite movies and shows one of the biggest advantages that the tivo stream brings to the table is that there is no more app switching and always having to learn how to navigate a new screen with every single app thanks to the tivo stream 4k.

You’re gonna have all of your entertainment in one centralized place for searching browsing and creating watch lists across all of your different apps. Also, if you are ever stuck trying to figure out what to watch next, the tivo stream has you covered with recommendations across all your apps, get rid of the walls between what you watch as tivo recommends.

Your next favorite shows and movies based upon what you love and not where they live. No more weird suggestions of some horror movie after you got done watching rom-coms. Now you’ll, actually get rom-com suggestions in the feed after every show, plus thanks to the tivo stream.

You can be lazy all day while sitting on the couch with the power of the voice control, making it easy to find shows. The integrated google assistant allows you to launch apps, dim the lights and, more all conveniently from one device.

The tivo stream is your one place for all your favorite streaming apps, because the stream gives you access to all the services that you can imagine like netflix, prime video disney, plus peacock plus and more so that way you can get to all of your shows fast.

Quick and easy, not to mention that the tivo stream 4k is time magazine’s 2020 best innovations and special mentions plus pc mac, hails it as an excellent media streamer for tv lovers. So you know you’re, going to be getting a rock solid product when you grab this little guy, so there you have it folks.

Those are our top three picks for the most popular android tv boxes, which one do you want to go out and grab for your next binge watching day off at home and are there any android tv boxes that we missed that you think should have been on The last let us know in the comment section down below and if you did enjoy the video, then please give us a big thumbs up if you like what we do plus subscribe to the channel for more amazing reviews and content.

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