Mecool KM6 Deluxe leader of Mecool company Review on TECHNOZON channel Let’s go! [music] Hi, guys, you asked me for a long time to make review of this TV-box And you know, we were waiting for it And tests didn’t make us sad Mecool never made anything better than this TV-box It’s a flagman with AMlogic S905X4 But this is not the end They place here everything they could.

And make many modernizations First Mecool TV-box with certificated Android TV and LAN 1000Mbps + Wi-Fi 6 Yes, it has Wi-Fi 6 module, 80211 AX And finaly they made SP Dif, we have 3.5 and optical SP Dif Also HDMI 2.

1 and this is important Because AMlogic S905X4 perfectly decoding 8K videos And we’ll show that, and now it can display that without problems here you can see metal panel On unboxing you’ll see more But this panel give exellent cooling So TV-Box is awesome On unboxing we’ll look closer on all ports And i want to speak about it’s features This is certificated Android TV 10 It hasn’t Netflix license, we can watch only black Netflix with bad quality But it has WideVine L1 Also Microsoft PlayReady DRM, CENC ClearKey This means perfect work with streaming services like OKKO, IVI, Megogo So it has full content that you need from streaming services Also we have HDCP 2.

2 here, for thread services What else? I asked Mecool about Netflix certification Thay said that there waiting when Netflix will consider bid They has their own war 🙂 Mecool very progressive on USA markets Whatever What else i liked here, AV1 codec we would see this it YouTube 5.

1 sound, DTS and DolbyDigital Also Auto framerate with fractional frequency, two modes Fractional Auto framerate mode when it works only with FF Or Full mode, when it works with all frequencies Only fractional – 23.

976, 59.94 or 29.97 Full means also 25Hz, 50Hz and like this So it has full auto framerate, in YouTube too We tested torrent, IPTV, YouTube 4K with AV1 codec If i had had 8K TV, we would have been tested 8K But we have another moment We have good modules and good performance And this means that we can play in Geforce Now Or play games like ShadowGuns Legends “Console level game” But this is hard game for Smart-TV-Boxes It didn’t throttle, and working stable Also we have BlueTooth remote It’s very convinient, and works great It has good voice search And of course it has ChromeCast Someone speak about design, you can see my unbox table This material called sonoma oak, and i think this is sonoma oak too But i really like it Every man to his taste What about price? It’s not very expensive Link in the description, you can watch by your own We’ll not speak about it now, and i think price will get low by time So, let’s unbox it, and review I want you to subscribe, and turn notifications on, to not miss our videos And not to miss giveaways At this moment we giveaways Sony PS5 Link for rules in the discription, you need just be subscribed But if you can’t see PS5, then we must giveaway something else, more cool We giveawayed Videocards, Nvidia Shields, PS4 Pro.

.. Many things And now, we’re going to unbox our Mecool Let’s go! TA-DA~~~, Mecool KM6 Deluxe Box is telling us about AV1 codec, S905X4 ChromeCast, GooglePlay… So, it’s certificated Android TV Here it is It’s very beautiful So, plastic panel here, made like oak “Mecool” is under the film Let’s take it off It’s white.

.. Wow, metal panel on the bottom Well, step by step On the sides we have: Audio/Video 3.5, LAN RJ-45 1000Mbps First sertificated Mecool TV-Box with LAN 1000Mbps HDMI 2.1, SP Dif, power suplpy port, USB 2.

0 and 3.0, and TF card port on the bottom we have metal panel for better cooling It hasn’t to heat at all This is really cool in the front panel we have diode lantern 🙂 What else in set We also have HDMI cabel Power Supply – 5V/2A And we have common Mecool remote Let’s see It working with two batteries 3A We have GooglePlay, PrimeVideo, YouTube buttons Volume, Back, Home and Google assistant Navigation Ring, Turnin on/off, and voice Nothing special else Now, let’s test it Android TV with usual channels As you can see i already tunned it Let’s test USUAL functions like voice search, ChromeCast and else “Best Movie Ever” And someone will hit me because of this movie.

🙂 I search it because it has every platform that we are serching on Here, it’s on IVI, Megogo, NUM So, yes, voice is great “Open YouTube” Yes! “Tomorrow weather Zaporoshie” Yes, it works Great, “Open GooglePlay” Here it is Now let’s test ChromeCast KM6 appears in the net And it works Fully working Chromecast, not like through cast reciever Here you can broadcast everything This is great too Let’s check Settings menu Wi-Fi has no problems We have been connected to Wi-Fi 6 router Accounts are added, you can see even Nvidia, this means stream System settings Mecool KM6 Deluxe, Android TV 10.

.. Storage we have 64 GB, and also we’ve connected SSD 512 GB Nothing special… More Settings you can find: Display settings Here you can change resolution it supports from 480p to 4K, 2K 60Hz It supports all resolutions and frequencies It has color settings too TV-Box hasn’t Dolby Vision support But it supports HDR Interface in the HDR We can zoom screen And we can rotate the screen HDMI CEC is working, we’ve tested it Playback settings, HDMI self-adaptation This option – auto framerate, that allow to change frequencies it supports ALL frequencies We have 5.

1 sound, we’ll test what kind of Powerkey definition – we can choose what to do by pressing on/off button And picture setting doesn’t work, like on all AMlogics, exept Ugoos Also we have AMlogic developer options Here you can see HDCP versions That’s all with options We also must check sertifications We have to look on DRM Keys that are needed for correct work of streaming servs Like IVI, Megogo, OKKO I get questions like “is this services doesn’t work on other TV-Boxes?” They do, but question is – HOW they work It can be not full content or without 5.

1 sound and 4K So, here we have WideVine L1 And Microsoft Playready DRM, and CENC ClearKey AIDA 64 This is Mecool KM6 4×64 We have BlueTooth 4+ That means 5, because AIDA can’t see more than 4 Processor – Cortex-A55 4x cores 2GHz And it doesn’t heat, we have metal plate on the bottom Display – Mali-G31 Connection – Wi-Fi 5GHz, did you see that speed? 1200 Mbps But it’s connection speed of Wi-Fi 6 What speed we actually have we’ll test Android version is 10.

.. We have no access to temperature So, we’re not going to test throttle It doesn’t throttle by certification terms We have vp9.on2 so it decodes YouTube HDR And here is AV1 codec Interesting box, actually Testing connection with Magic IPerf Because we can’t test it with SpeedTest fully It hasn’t enough threads So, we’re testing on global So, let’s start ~248Mbps on global world We’ll try to make inner server to test max speed On Global, to Amsterdam – 273×249 it’s incredible Try it by you own, and you’ll be amazed So, global – 262x237Mbps And now server Starting ~400Mbps on Wi-Fi I think this is good enough It shows 398x398Mbps on server 427x426Mbps, here is screenshot Well, that’s very good for 5GHz Now testing 2.

4 Ghz Now we can test on speedtest It’s higher than usual 54 Mbps download Well, we have many other routers around our studio ~50Mbps uploading Good results are ~100 Mbps And this is pretty good Avarage for TV-Boxes are ~30Mbps 54x52Mbps 2.

4Ghz But we have here LAN 1000Mbps Turning and testing WOOOW Did Mecool made great TV-Box? With great LAN RJ-45? We can easely make servers here We can broadcast Geforce easely 815x907Mbps Connection modules – done In this test we are interested in memory copy speed 2,38Gb/s, it’s great speed Then this box has cool DDR4 memory it’s good for gaming And it can be confirmed by 3DMark test You’ll be amazed Because S905X4 in Ice Storm Unlimited hits MAX Here is Mecool KM6 Classic, it didn’t hit MAX So, they made better performance And Ice Storm Extrime – 5810 So, this box will be great for Android games, and streaming of Geforce Now System tests are done We can’t make throttling test, you couldn’t see anything, except “2GHz” We have no access to temperature And by certification terms, frequencies wouldn’t get lower than 2GHz But metal panel on bottom means that it not supposed to throttle at all So, it’s impossible to research the temp But it’s not very hot We testing it for a long time, and i have no questions about heating Actually we can make graph and look on it It has some artifacts, and any throttling Btw, max performance is 56,157GIPS It’s more than 905X3 Now, multimedia tests YouTube with AV1 codec “Japan 8K” We’re choosing it We can see here AV1 codec, so this box idealy decoding AV1 4K 60FPS – 0 drops HDR works perfectly too, it decoding and shows VP9.

2 Let’s test movies from SSD Some really heavy movies But first let’s check what sound it using Trying with stock player, and we have Dolby Digital + So we have 5.1 sound Dolby True HD working in Dolby Digital 5.

1 Trying DTS 5.1 core It works, this is good sign And DTS HD HI Res? And it’s decoding like common DTS But can it play in PathTrue mode? Like in VLC? No, we have no DTS HD HiRes But we have full 5.

1 sound in DTS and DD This TV-Box supports 8K, it has 2.1 HDMI So we have to test 8K video With Stock player [shaking caused by camera, not box] 8K, 10bit, HDR, i have a mistake here, not 23,076. It’s 23.

976 It works awesome It’s decoding 8K videos So, this TV-box would play 8K movies in future Also it plays great 8K – 8bit, 10bit ANY 8K files Let’s try 4K 60 FPS movie HDR through Vimu media player Movie started to play Let’s wait a bit If you see any shaking – it’s margin between recorder FPS and broadcasting We have to work without auto framerate Othervise my recorder will turn off But it works, 4K 60FPS SSD works great, we can play anything we want Next – IPTV I using OmegaTV playlist It’s ukrainian IPTV provider, with HD and Full HD channels For my ukrainian subscribers – promo for 100 UAH in the description You could use OmegaTV hole month almost for free Full HD channels I think we have no problems with IPTV But i want to remark, if you watching IPTV more, and use auto framerate Then i recommend to use this resolutions: 4K-50Hz, FullHD-50Hz Then it wouldn’t flash all the time when changing channel IPTV works really good Now 4K torrents online Choosing here 4K Let’s Ip Man 3 43Gb, it’ll play it without problems, i’m sure We’ll choose Vimu media player And it plays let’s wait a bit, start buffer.

.. And then we’ll look is it possible to use browser Google Chrome Many of you are asking how to do that And we’ll show you Torrent works great Ok, Google Chrome I installed it with flash drive Just download my TECHNOZON installer everything in there Here, you can use it, i’m using keyboard Let’s try to find my review So, here it is, full browsing But, i can’t be sure about video, because flash player isn’t exist now.

.. So, playing video in Chrome… It’s kind of kink You wouldn’t have max resolution and it’ll freeze a lot To play movies, i recommend use other apps but not Google Chrome. Well, let’s test gaming.

We’ll use Apex Gamepad it’s great gamepad, i think we’ll make a review on it Let’s start First – ShadowGuns Legends “Console level Game” 🙂 It’s MMO And start any mission Actually this game is hard for TV-Boxes On 905X2 and X3 processors it worked pretty bad But 922X showed good results We’ll see 905X4 For first look – very cool It’s easy to aim with gamepad like that No freezes.

.. I really hate when someone shoot at me 🙂 Well, that’s great I recommend ShadowGuns Legeds to everyone Very cool game No freezes at all I really like how it works Now we can stop it, and try Streaming Geforce Now We’ll test Tomb Raider traditionally So, i hadn’t any problems with Geforce Now and Streaming worked good And no troubles with connection Really good Wi-Fi module 80211AX was made for this Continue.

I always get killed over there 🙂 I REALLY HATE THIS GAME Here, wolfs will kill me right there I haven’t any problem with ping and connection I killed one! YES! Another one! Holy moly! Well, i can play all day Well, streaming is working, and very good You can play really heavy games If someone doesn’t know about Geforce Now – We have a review on channel I’ll leave a link in the description Well, i ready to resume this box it’s very cool box Yeees, about Netflix original Netflix is unsupported Mecool are waiting for certification But Black Netflix is working Yes, it has pretty bad video quality but it works Only 576p or HD.

.. We have WideVine L1, it’ll work in HD But why we need Netflix here? For what? We have Torrents online! With great Wi-Fi modules Well, resume i can say only one thing, this box will have place in top-5 devices From 50$ to 100$ from TECHNOZON channel We recommend it, as really powerful and interesting TV-Box With certificated Android TV You can watch any content you want exept Netflix This is awesome TV-Box Links in the description, Bubble with you on TECHNOZON channel, Bye!

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